Christmas generosity!

I love Christmas. Not because of the materialistic things that most people enjoy it for, but because I love surprises and seeing someone’s happiness when you’ve come up with the perfect gift for them. I tend to go too far with it as well… I’m pretty sure I’m gonna run out of money before I get my student loan through because I’ve brought all of my friends and family a little something, instead of letting people go without.

I know I’m not the most generous person in the world because I often rush past the homeless people in the city and pray they don’t ask me for money. But how we define generosity is very weird. It’s generous to give to people who are really needy, but not generous to spend all your money on making sure your family get a Christmas present from you. If I could afford to feed the homeless then I would, but I do put my family and friends first. And to be honest, it’s not like I’m buying them stuff that will end up in the bin in a week, I’ve got thoughtful gifts that will last a couple of years at least. Practical necessities rather than a pointless beeping gadget.

Some people will give thousands to charity this Christmas but very very few will do that at the expense of buying their loved ones gifts. And when we decide who’s generous or not in society, I think we should remember that. So here’s to all the people who can barely scrape together enough cash to get Christmas presents, but who will be damned if they don’t try.

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One thought on “Christmas generosity!

  1. itsjoelwood says:

    I’ve just wrote a blog on the Christmas Season, have a look and see if you agree! Thanks.

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